Our People

Laurence Gordon, Founder and Conservationist

Well known for his work in saving both the kiwi and kokako, business founder, Laurence Gordon, has a lifelong passion for saving some of our most important NZ icons.

In New Zealand conservation circles, Gordon is regarded as somewhat unorthodox. To some his views on how to save New Zealand's most vulnerable native species are nothing short of heresay.

Laurence's interest in conservation is lifelong. He feels privileged that considerable community and financial support has put him at the forefront of establishing sanctuaries and preserving endangered species.

Introduced predators, possums, ship rats, ferrets, weasels and stoats have decimated two high profile species, the kiwi and forest songbird, the kokako.

Pureora Forest, a conservation success story, has seen the kokako numbers rising steadily from 10 pairs in 1995 to 140 pairs according to an updated 2012 survey. In areas, which do not receive, government or other funds, harvesting possum fur is a ‘win-win’ situation creating an economic as well as an environmental upside.

Kathy Mitchell, Marketing

Since being taught to knit by my Grandmother (then supported by my Mum) a life-long interest in yarn and garments was born. Some 40 years later, I am still a keen knitter and enjoy discovering yarns and blends.

My love of natural fibres and blends started as a child being brought up on a sheep farm and New Zealand products are very important to me. Family members and friends all wear natural fibre knitwear crafted by me.

I have entered various competitions over the years to gain knowledge and supported various fund raising and charity causes. Creative Fibre is now part of my life opening up another learning and sharing environment.

It is a pleasure to be part of Supreme Possum recognising all the qualities of this wonderful warm soft light hardwearing fibre that is a true New Zealand product.