Supreme Possum Merino Yarn

Buying Supreme Possum products enables Laurence and Christina to continue voluntary threatened species work.

The possum fur is painstakingly hand-plucked so the yarn structure and attributes remain intact. Machine plucking breaks down the hollow fibres, resulting in a fibre with less quality and length.

Superior, Hard Wearing, Heat Retaining Yarn.

The possum fur is hollow and, spinning with Merino wool, produces Supreme Possum Merino's superior, hard wearing, heat retaining yarn. In addition, Supreme Possum Merino yarn has a 40% fur content, while other similar fibres contain only 15-30% possum fibre.

Lighter, Softer and Very Warm

Supreme Possum Merino’s yarn provides garments that are lighter, softer and very warm. The hollow core of the possum fibre traps a tunnel of air that provides up to 30% more warmth than 100% wool garments and 35% more warmth than cashmere. In knitwear, possum fur, unlike angora, resists pilling, is a lot fluffier and has minimal to no skin irritation.

To perfect the process of blending Merino wool with possum fur has taken 7 years of research. This combination of possum fibre with Merino wool followed earlier research in the 1990s when the possum fur market had been in decline.